Articles & Reviews

Feature Writing

I’ve written on science, technology, education, health, art, business, history, and more for Response magazine.

Think Like a Scientist (I profiled research on physics education that’s transforming how students learn)

Philosophers in Tech (yes, you can get a great job with that philosophy major)

Adiós, River Blindness (how a missionary doctor discovered a disease in the remote jungles of Ecuador and worked for its successful eradication for four decades)

Starfish Secrets Revealed (the way they eat is disgustingly awesome)

The Man and the Machine (A profile of Kent Bakke, Seattle coffee pioneer and CEO of the espresso machine company La Marzocco)


I’m especially fond of reviewing poetry and graphic novels.

“Don’t Take Jesters into Outer Space” (review of Wislawa Szymborska’s Map)

“Arabian Nightmares” (review of Craig Thompson’s Habibi)

“Still Life with Dumpster” (review of Brett Foster’s The Garbage Eater)


Feminist Christmas Carols (for The Toast)

Unconvincing Hymns of the Temperance Army (for The Toast – just read them, they’re really unconvincing)

Take this Rice Cracker: Finding Communion in a Broken World (adapted from The Spirit of Food)

“Writers on the Classics #13” (poetry book recommendations)

A Shooting On Sacred Ground

People I’ve Interviewed

Brenda Salter McNeil (writer and theologian)

Diane Ravitch (education policy expert)

Tavis Smiley (TV host)

Jennifer Wiseman (NASA Astronomer)

Marilyn Nelson (poet)